Portugal, a great place to Film

Manuel Barbosa, widely known as Infilms in the realm of Film Services, stands out as a seasoned fixer and producer with a distinguished track record. His expertise has elevated Portugal to an exceptionally advantageous destination for foreign production companies, offering not only captivating locations but also a favorable climate and highly competitive production costs.

Within the Film Services sector, where efficiency is paramount, Portugal emerges as approximately 15% more cost-effective than its Spanish counterpart. This financial edge positions Portugal strategically for those seeking a delicate equilibrium between production quality and budget considerations. Furthermore, Portugal fosters a nurturing environment for talent development, resulting in a rich pool of highly skilled professionals across various aspects of filmmaking.

Infilms goes beyond mainland Portugal, extending its Film Services to the alluring islands of the Azores and Madeira. Our company maintains robust connections with Africa and the former Portuguese colonies of Angola and Mozambique, offering clients a versatile network of location options spanning continents. 

A recent strategic alliance with a respected local production company in Morocco emphasizes our commitment to expanding our international presence. This collaboration significantly enhances our range of Film Services, providing clients with access to even more exotic and unique locations.

Infilms’ overarching objective is not only to attract foreign productions to choose Portugal for its substantial cost savings but also to showcase the diverse array of locations that cater to a broad spectrum of creative needs within the Film Services industry. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the meticulous crafting of memorable cinematic experiences. Whether it’s for the production of TV commercials or feature films, Infilms stands as a beacon in Film Services, creating the ideal conditions for a cinematic journey that is both distinctive and unforgettable.


Some of our Services

Equiment and Crew

All the equipment and crew that you need for your projects, one phone call away.


Our experienced Line Producer make sure your project is done in time and within budget.

Location Scouting

If we don't have the Location you need on our database, we guarantee our Scouts will find it.


We work with various Casting Agencies, we also have excellent ties with freelancing Casting Directors