ALDI – Baixa o IVA

Discover how ALDI, in partnership with UZINA, produced a striking commercial that features a memorable message: “Baixa o IVA” (lower the VAT). The spot, directed by António Amaral and shot by DOP Manuel Pinho Braga, showcases the brand’s commitment to providing high-quality products at affordable prices. The team, led by Executive Producer Inês Ferreira and Chief Producer Manuel Barbosa, cleverly conveys ALDI’s dedication to customer satisfaction, making this commercial a must-see for anyone looking for great deals and a retail giant that cares about its customers.

Client: ALDI

Agency: UZINA

Produced: Major West

Directed: António Amaral

DOP: Manuel Pinho Braga

Executive Producer: Inês Ferreira

Chief Producer: Manuel Barbosa