Continente – Todos Natal

Discover the magic that happens when creative minds come together to produce a masterpiece. The latest project from Continente, in collaboration with Pro(u)d, FUEL, el-Hey, and a team of talented professionals, promises to surpass all expectations. With Rita Barbosa at the helm and Kaka behind the camera, the results are sure to be breathtaking. The team is led by Miguel Coimbra, ensuring that every detail is carefully considered, and Manuel Barbosa ensures that everything runs like clockwork. Get ready to be amazed by the creativity and skill on display in this exciting project.

Client: Continente

Producer Consultans: Pro(u)d

Agency: FUEL

Produced: el-Hey

Directed: Rita Barbosa

DOP: Kaka

Executive Producer: Miguel Coimbra

Head of Production: Manuel Barbosa