Continente – Feliz Tudo Novo

Discover the magic behind the latest campaign from Continente – Feliz Tudo Novo. With the help of Pro(u)d producer consultants, FUEL agency, and a talented team led by director Rita Barbosa and DOP Kaka, el-Hey produced a visually stunning and heartwarming project. Behind the scenes, Miguel Coimbra and Manuel Barbosa ensured that every detail was carefully crafted, resulting in a truly special final product. From concept to execution, this campaign truly captures the spirit of the season, reminding us all of the joy and optimism that comes with a fresh start.

Client: Continente

Producer Consultans: Pro(u)d

Agency: FUEL

Produced: el-Hey

Directed: Rita Barbosa

DOP: Kaka

Executive Producer: Miguel Coimbra

Head Producer: Manuel Barbosa