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Why Portugal?


Portugal overview

Portugal is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south. Its long, varied coastline, sunny climate, diverse landscapes from sea to inland and its charming towns and villages have made it a must shooting location. The delight of Portugal is that, although it is undeniably part of modern Europe, it retains some rural enclaves where time has stood still and traditions flourish.

The capital city, Lisbon, on the west coast, is a bright, busy, crowded metropolis surrounded by bustling landscapes. Travel a few miles north or east, however, and discover a largely undeveloped picturesque countryside full of medieval villages and towns where life has changed little over several centuries.

From the visitor’s point of view the compactness of the country makes it easy to take in all the best elements in a few ranges: sandy beaches, scenery, history, and wonderful cuisine, charming handcrafts, excellent sporting facilities and warm friendly people.

From the cobbled winding streets of Lisbon’s medieval citadel to the cork forests in Alentejo, and from fishermen mending their nets on remote beaches to the shopping malls and sophisticated glitzy resorts, Portugal is a country well worth discovering.

Portugal’s conditions

Portugal has the weather on its side. The country has long sunny days with exceptional light, beautiful beaches of every kind, the vibrant Atlantic Ocean and a mild climate. Small villages have retained their traditional rural charm and time appears to have stood still in many pockets of Portugal.

The country boasts state of the art equipment and talented crews who are fluently both in English and in French. The standards of its service industry are of an excellent professional level and have established an international reputation for its excellent suitability for shooting auto- motive commercials. This is due to a unique combination of a co-operative police force, new roads and dramatic landscapes.

The climate in Portugal is influenced by the relief, latitude and proximity to the sea, which offers mild winters, especially in Lisbon and in the South. It can be classified as a Mediterranean type, which is tempered by the Atlantic.

Portugal’s high season runs from mid-April to mid-October, when temperatures across the country average around 22o / 27°C. In July and August it gets hot, particularly in the South.

The islands


Portugal’s most beautiful island is blessed with dramatic landscapes that have earned it the nickname ‘Pearl of the Atlantic’. Madeira has been described as a ‘floating garden’, reflecting centuries of cultivation. The rich volcanic soil, mild climate and contrasting landscapes with lush river valleys, terraced hillsides planted with vines and bananas and dense primeval forest.

Madeira is geographically part of the African plate, it was discovered by Portuguese sailors in the 15th century and has been intrinsically connected to Portugal ever since. Madeira is only one hour away flight from Lisbon.


For more than 500 years, the Azores, an archipelago of nine widely dispersed islands in the middle of the Atlantic, have remained almost completely unspoilt, mainly on ac- count of their remoteness. Volcanic in origin, they are pit- ted with deep craters, some filled with shimmering lakes, and others covered with lush vegetation.

The Azores are also characterized by large tracts of arable farmland, sprinkled with tiny settlements of whitewashed houses. The gently sloping hillsides are planted with vine- yards and fruit trees. The coastlines tend to be rugged and somewhat forbidding, but there are plenty of bays and rocky mountains. Azores is at three hours flight from Lisbon